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Keyless Repeater & Relay Attack Unit For Sale | KeylessGoRepeater

LONG Jammer of car signals 315 433 434 868 MHz
Unlocker, opener for Toyota-Lexus 2024+ Open and Start
€22000 €21000
Two-way long-range repeater TOYOTA LEXUS
CryptoGrabber "MRS"For Mercedes 2010-2023
Cryptograbber "SPACE" NEW TOYOTA\LEXUX\SUBARU AA,A9,A8, 88, F3
CryptoGrabber "Spark" model "Mini" INFINITI-NISSAN-MERCEDES-RENAUL
New cryptograbber emulator Keyless Go - P33 Toyota/Lexus codegrabber KeylessGO Only NEW 2022
€13000 €12000
CryptoGrabber "Spark-2" for KIA, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Genesis, Infiniti/Nissan, Mercedes, Renault
Easy Tool Ivaylov: All in One Pack Decoder Auto Key Car
Codegrabber P31 Kia-Huyndai Keyless Nintendo Tetris Gameboy
€23000 €16000
Jammer of car signals 315 433 434 868 MHz
€1500 €1000
PHONE device version 4.5 for emergency disarming and start of Toyota / Lexus cars and utilities for working with car keys.
€6500 €5500
Code Grabber Pandora DXL 5000 ver. PRO+ NEW UPDATE
JBL Unlocker, opener for Toyota-Lexus 2017+
Keyless Go Repeater - Rellay Attack Unit
€10000 €6000
Code Grabber for Garage Doors, Gates & RFID Cards Alpha
Code Grabber Pandora Fantom For VAG FORD KIA NEW
Code Grabber Pandora P24 USA and Europe (NEW)

A Repeater Keyless Go is used for quick emergency opening in service centers, as well as in emergency situations on the roads.

The Relay attack unit device is capable of unlocking the car’s central locking, disarming it, and starting the engine at a considerable distance from the car key. This is achieved by retransmitting the radio communication between the key and the car.

The Keyless Go repeater works with virtually all brands of cars with keyless entry systems “Keyless Go” and “Keyless Entry”, colloquially referred to as “Start / Stop, Push Start, etc.

Repeater Keyless Go for Cars

The device consists of two units – receiving and transmitting. A small receiving unit should be placed near the car and a large transmitting unit near the key. After switching them on, there is a signal transmission that allows you to repeat the car’s requests. Before you buy a keyless go repeater, make sure the device works with your vehicle. A list of cars with which each device works is available in the product description and each device is in the description of a different list of car brands.

The Keyless Go Repeater coverage area is as follows:

The distance from the small unit to the door handle can be 5 to 20 cm.
Allowable distance for signal retransmission between units – up to 300 meters.
The use of an external antenna significantly increases the signal transmission distance to the key.
The space between the key and the transmitting module can be 5- 7 meters.

The position of the key fob repeater box for car “Keyless Go”, “Keyless Entry”, and “Relay attack unit” affects the quality of the signal and the success of the transmission. “Big Block” should be pointed flat on the key, otherwise the maximum allowable distance can be significantly reduced. If the device is operating at a boundary distance, the connection may not be stable.

Keyless Car Relay Attack Unit

The relay attack unit is equipped with a control panel that allows you to turn on, off, configure the device, also see the indication of the operating mode. There is also a jack on the panel to update the software.

To purchase the device, which may also be called a fishing rod, short arm, or repeater, just write in the messenger “Telegram” on the contact phone number listed on the website. This device is not intended for illegal actions. The package includes two blocks, charging, and instructions for use.

For devices produced by, you will get a guarantee of 1 year, service, updates, and service support.

This is a new model of 2024 car key repeater – a keyless repeater device or extension/amplifier of car smart key signal. Works with all car models with Keyless Go smart keys (smart key brands have different names). Works including 2023 cars. This version combines all the advantages of previous versions, while significantly improving the technical and functional aspects.

Smart Car Key Repeater is a car smart key signal amplifier that creates a bridge between the car and the smart key, allowing you to open and start various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, etc.

Description of Relay Attack Unit Device

The new version of the keyless repeaters has a completely redesigned circuit technique, quality, and reliable components, as well as new software. An important feature is the use of a new powerful processor, which allows you to significantly speed up the computing capabilities, allowing the device to perform its functions in a matter of seconds. The average actuation time is only 1.4 seconds, depending on the distance to the smart key and the model of the car.

The keyless repeater has a bright color and large LCD display, which is visible at any time of the day or night, allowing you to easily control all functions of the device in an intuitive interface. The screen shows battery charge, vehicle model, triggering, and more. You can control 2 devices on one LCD display, control the level of communication, select the desired modes, lock the device, turn off / on sound, vibration, backlighting, and stealth mode, and change the PIN code for the inclusion of the one that you want, control the number of turns on, get information about the device, its serial number, instructions, change the language, etc.

Car repeater popularly has many names, such as relay attack unit, keyless repeater, long arm repeater, short arm repeater, rod repeater, car key repeater, keyless repeaters, relay attack device, smart key extender, keyless grabber, keyless hacking device, code grabber repeater, fbs4 repeater, radio gum, smart key emergency start system, keyless wave, etc.

Caution When Using Keyless Repeater Box

Whatever the device is called, the main thing to remember is that the device is not intended for illegal means. Extension of the smart key signal must be with the consent of the vehicle owner. A car key repeater is not an illegal device in most countries of the world if used with the consent of the vehicle owner. A keyless car repeater box does not copy or store personal information, acts only within the sight of the smart key, and enhances the range of the smart key. Keyless Repeater for sale is available on You can buy a Repeater Keyless Go of high quality, at an affordable price, and with worldwide shipping.