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Keyless Go Repeater | Code Grabbers | Relay Attack Unit

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On, you can buy a Keyless Go repeater of high quality, at an affordable price.

This device is capable of unlocking the central locking of the car, disarming it, and starting the engine at a considerable distance from the car key. This is achieved by retransmitting the radio communication between the key and the car.

The Keyless Go repeater works with virtually all brands of cars with keyless entry systems “Keyless Go” and “Keyless Entry”, colloquially referred to as “Start / Stop, Push Start, etc.

The device has a flexible configuration – that is, you only pay for what you need here and now. If subsequently, you need any of the features that are not activated you can activate them by entering the appropriate pin code, which we will inform you after the payment.

Keyless Go Repeater for Cars

The device consists of two units – a receiving and transmitting. A small receiving unit should be placed near the car and a large transmitting unit near the key. After switching them on, there is a signal transmission that allows you to repeat the car’s requests. Before you buy a keyless go repeater, make sure the device works with your vehicle. List of cars with which each device works, available in the product description, each device in the description of a different list of car brands.

Keyless Go Repeater coverage area is as follows:

The distance from the small unit to the door handle can be 5 to 20 cm.
Allowable distance for signal retransmission between units – up to 300 meters.
The use of an external antenna significantly increases the signal transmission distance to the key.
The space between the key and the transmitting module can be 6-14 meters.

The position of the repeater “Keyless Go”, “Keyless Entry”, “Relay attack unit” affects the quality of the signal and the success of the transmission. “Big Block” should be pointed flat on the key, otherwise the maximum allowable distance can be significantly reduced. If the device is operating at a boundary distance, the connection may not be stable.

Keyless Car Relay Attack Unit

The relay attack unit is equipped with a control panel that allows you to turn on, off, configure the device, also see the indication of the operating mode. There is also a jack on the panel to update the software.

To purchase the device, which may also be called a fishing rod, short arm, repeater, just write in the messenger “Telegram” on the contact phone number listed on the website. This device is not intended for illegal actions. The package includes two blocks, charging, instructions for use.

For devices produced by, you will get a lifetime warranty, service, updates, and service support.