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Code Grabber for Garage Doors, Gates & RFID Cards Alpha


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Universal remote control for garage doors, automatics, barriers, etc. The best Code Grabber for Garage Doors and Gates, also for different types of automatic gates. The device supports barriers, gates, garage doors, and roller shutters, which are controlled remotely. Universal code grabber for barriers copies the signal received by the barrier from the original remote and automatically saves it in a memory cell. You will then be able to open/close garage doors, gates, roller shutters, barriers, etc. Our device fully copies the original remote control and supports all functions of the original remote control from the automatics. The product is always available in our offline store in Bulgaria, also available for shipment from Bulgaria by courier delivery service DHL on 100% prepayment.

The new version of the garage doors code grabber has been added:

  • NORMSTAL system.
  • Increased transmission and reception range.
  • Improved substitution FAAC.
  • Fast code catch-up.
  • Complete device shutdown.

The garage door code grabber has an LCD screen and a side control wheel (joystick), which makes the device convenient and fast enough to use, and the screen has full navigation of advanced features.

Built-in rechargeable battery with the ability to recharge via the micro USB connector, which allows you to update the device with the appearance of updates and get rid of the problem of battery replacement.

The garage doors code grabber device has 4 modes:

  1. Scanning and recording mode.
  2. Auto-finding mode.
  3. Jammer mode.
  4. Code-substitution mode.

Language can be set for your choice: Russian/English or any other language:

  • Cells saving with the possibility of specifying a name.
  • Online mode floating signals, possibility to set any frequency.
  • 100 memory cells.
  • Backlight and brightness screen settings.
  • Telescopic antenna.

and much more...

Buy Code Grabber for Garage Doors and Gates

The main feature is not just a record and opening! And the full copy and playback of all functions. We will not enumerate the list of devices, as its possibilities are endless! With the code substitution mode, it can cope with almost all hitherto impossible tasks. Tested on all possible devices! The device is much better than its predecessors! Easy menu and fast operation, make it the best on the market of scanners for automatics. The device is very convenient to use when you have a lot of different devices in use, you can add all your devices into one device and free yourself from losses and hassle or use the code-substitution mode or auto-scan, opening what you dreamed of for a long time!

Operating frequencies:433.92; 434.4; 315; 868 MHz
The number of memory cells:100
Power type:built-in rechargeable battery
Signal reception radius:up to 50 m.
Good FLO pickup function:yes
Possibility to update the software by yourself:yes
Came TOP pickup function:yes
Copy code function:yes
Working with dynamic code:yes
The function of substitution code:yes
Function to jam the air:yes
Manual entry of any frequency:Yes (from 300 to 900 MHz)



Code Grabber for garage doors, barriers, gates, and roller shutters video (write us for video access!):

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