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Home / Cryptorgabber for Tesla Model S only Electric Car NEW !!!!

Cryptorgabber for Tesla Model S only Electric Car NEW !!!!


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Cryptograbber Tesla Electric Car NEW

Tesla S testing complex - makes it possible to open and start the engine of Tesla Electric Car cars until 2019.



Working with block number 1



Block number 1 is used to remove the parcel from the tested vehicle. Procedure with the block.


1. Press and hold button 1 for 2-3 seconds to turn on the device until the blue LED lights up


2. The device is ready for use. Approach the car from the driver's side, when the package has been read, the green LED lights up.


3. To turn off the device, press button 2 for 2-3 seconds.


4. To reset the device, press button 3 and hold for 2-3 seconds until the LED color changes from green to blue.


5. When the blue LED lights up, the device is ready for reuse



Working with block number 2


1. When button 1 is pressed, the device is turned on with LED 1 illuminated


2. After turning on the device, press button 2 and bring it to block number 2, block number 1. If the reading is correct, LED 2 will light up green.


3. When LEDs 1 and 2 are on, press button 3 and go to the car key


4. If the reading procedure is completed, LED 3 will light up green button four and wait for LED 4 to blink slowly in red


6.after that, bring the key a clean key to the device and press the two extreme buttons on the key until LED 4 lights up green, after that the key will function, you can check it on the tested car


6.1. If LED 4 lights up red, the frequency at which the radio channel of the key works does not match the radio channel of the car.


7. To turn off the device, press button 1 and hold for 2-3 seconds until all LEDs go out


8. To reset the device to its original position, in the off state, hold down button 2, press button 1 and wait for all four LEDs to light up, after which the device program is reset to its original position



Attention! The device is intended for legal use only. For car service workers, dealers.

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