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Keyless Go Repeater - Rellay Attack Unit


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Keyless Go Repeater is a radio transmitting and receiving device, the property of which is to retransmit and amplify the received signal. Thus increasing the range of the signal. The Keyless Go Repeater is not a code grabber. Keyless Go Repeater has many names universal "Rod", "Long Arm", "Wave", "Multi-brand", "Relay Attack Unit", the device works with cars in which the system is installed Keyless Go or Keyless Entry, the system allows you to open the doors and start the car engine.

This device allows you to open and start the car, equipped with a system Keyless Go, Keyless Entry at a distance of 300 meters.

Price for the most recent version of the device - 7000 Euro.

Payment is made in Bitcoin, Express Money Transfer Western Union (Money Gram, Ria Transfer), or by cash in person at our store in Sofia, Bulgaria. The shipment is free of charge for the buyer, postal services in about 14 days or by bus.

Keyless Go Repeater In its functionality has several modes of operation:

  1. Mode of operation with cars equipped with the system Keyless Go Toyota entire model rad (2009-2020 year) Lexus entire model rad (2006-2020 year) Subaru entire model rad (2008-2020 year).
  2. Multi-brand mode of operation with vehicles equipped with Keyless Go or Keyless Entry system of other brands up to and including 2017-2019.
  3. Mode of operation with cars equipped with the system FBS4, Audi brand until 2020 and Mercedes-Benz until 2018 opening and starting, 2018-2020 only starting cars.
  4. Mode of operation "Multi-brand 868" with cars equipped with the system Keyless Go or Keyless Entry in which the key works on a frequency 868 Mhz, in particular the BMW E - series (BMW F - Series only were the key to 868) and some cars VAG - Group.
  5. Working mode with TESLA Electric Car brand cars until 2018. (up to plastic keys that look like a credit card).
  6. Mode of operation with BMW F - Series and G - Series cars with the ability to find and detect the key in the radius of the big unit. on the principle of the car, first reading the request from the car handle. (All the keys G - Series in 1-3 minutes without moving to go to sleep find a key after this is not possible as well as to start or open the car)
  7. Mode of work with cars Brand Nissan - Infinity c 2017 to 2020.

When working in the first mode of Toyota/Lexus/Subaru there is the DETECTION AND DISTRIBUTION of the key. In other words, the operator of the big unit sees the presence of the key in the working area of the device. Just as in the mode of the BMW, only for BMW you are not looking for all the keys of this brand around you, and directly in advance coming to the car handle and reading the request in the memory cell you are looking for only the key of the car you are interested. The request is not wiped it remains in the cell.

The range of communication between blocks up to 300 meters with a dense building/work from the premises, etc. It is important to understand that this is the reserve of power to normally transmit a signal in any buildings and obstacles. And the actual operating range is limited by the range of the radio channel between the key and the car, and is on average 100-200 meters and rarely exceeds 250 meters!!!! The range of the radio channel also depends on the battery charge in the key. Reserve on the communication range between units is necessary for stability, although many manufacturers neglect it. For example, the work is done from the front door at the back of the house, and the key is in the apartment window of which overlooks the courtyard where the car is. As a result, there are no walls between the key and the car, and between the small and large block there is a reinforced concrete wall, and most likely more than one. Without a reserve of communication between the blocks in this situation, it is impossible to work. A good reserve is necessary even on a busy parking lot.

Also, an important advantage is that it is not necessary to precisely position the small block in the car. The operator simply sits in the car as in his own and drives away. The work of the small unit is similar to the key: it can be placed anywhere in the cabin.

Constant improvements and updates are being made, tests of the device work on each car. All updates and tests will be available in the news section and on our YouTube Channel.

Keyless Go Repeater Supported by transponder car brands:

  • Audi All model < 2020
  • Mercedes All model < 2020
  • BMW All models E-series, F-series, G-series < 2020
  • Mazda All model < 2020
  • Honda All model < 2020
  • Toyota All models < 2020
  • Lexus All models < 2020
  • Subaru All models < 2020
  • Nissan All models < 2020
  • Infinity All models < 2020
  • Hyundai All models < 2020
  • Kia All models < 2020
  • Porsche All models
  • Citroen All models < 2020
  • Peugeot All models < 2020
  • Renault All < 2018
  • TESLA Electric Car All <2018

Note: The list includes personally tested brands. The device supports almost all brands equipped with the Keyless system, so the real list is much longer.

The device consists of two repeater modules - receiving and transmitting. The receiving module must be located at the car, the transmitting module at the key. After activation of the system, a data transmission channel is established between the modules, which allows you to retransmit vehicle requests to the key and back.

The following conditions must be met for the system to work:

The receiving module of the small unit must be located 10-30 centimeters from the door handle (it has an antenna installed).

The transmitting module of a large unit should be located at a distance of 6-13 meters from the key and directed flat to the key, at this time will occur authorization and you can open the car and also his start. (If the antenna plane is pointed away from the key, the irradiation range of the key may be reduced)

With additionally increased antennas is possible to achieve a range of key radiation up to 15 m.

The package includes two blocks, large and small, the charger.

By a separate agreement can be completed with a bag with an external antenna or a separate external antenna for a larger radius of the robot with the key.

The device has a flexible configuration - i.e. you only pay for what you need here and now. If you need any of the features that are not activated you can activate them later by entering the appropriate pin code that we will tell you after the payment.

For devices produced by our company, you get a lifetime warranty, service, current updates, and after-sales support.

Keyless Go Repeater - Rellay Attack Unit versions and pricing policy


Ready versions of the device:

  • Maximum Version - 6 modes without search BMW 6000 Euro (Optional external antenna included)
  • Maximum Version - 7 modes with BMW search 7000 Euro (Optional external antenna included)
  • Only Multi-brand (Mode 2) + FBS 4 (Mode 3) Euro 4,000
  • Multi-brand only (Mode №2) + Search BMW (Mode №6) 3500 Euro
  • Only Toyota / Lexus / Subaru (Mode #1 complete till 2020) 2500 Euro
  • Only Toyota / Lexus / Subaru (Mode № 1 Full up to 2020) + FBS4 (Mode № 3) €4000
  • Only Toyota / Lexus / Subaru (Mode №1 full until 2020) + FBS4 (Mode №2) €4000

With the purchase of any version of Keyless Go Repeater, you can activate new features remotely. They will be reserved in the device. To do this you will need to pay a specified additional amount for the desired function and receive a pin code for its activation. Naturally, it will be more expensive than buying the full version. But someone doesn't need all the features and so you can save on the price of the device and it will be more affordable for you.

Keyless Go Repeater - Rellay Attack Unit Available Options:

  • Old Toyota\Lexus\Subaru 2006-2016 with key finder - 1000€
  • New Toyota/Lexus/Subaru 2016-2020 with key finder - 1500€
  • Multi-brand - 1500€
  • Multi-brand on 868 Mhz - 1000€
  • BMW key finder - 1200€
  • Vibro - 300€
  • External antenna - 600€


  1. Key-to-built-key distance - Toyota/Lexus/Subaru 10m (not less than 9.3m)
  2. Distance to the built-in key - BMW (F, G - series) and Porsche 12.5m (not less than 11.5m)
  3. Distance to other built-in keys (including BMW E) 5-7m

When using an external pluggable antenna, the distance from the big unit to the key increases by 50 to 70 percent compared to the built-in antenna. When working with a pluggable external antenna, it needs to be stretched and given an approximately square shape.


Warning! The device is not intended for illegal actions!

Test of device:


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