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Home / New cryptograbber emulator Keyless Go – P32 Toyota/Lexus codegrabber KeylessGO Only

New cryptograbber emulator Keyless Go - P32 Toyota/Lexus codegrabber KeylessGO Only


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New Keyless Go crypto grabber emulator - Codegrabber P32 Toyota/Lexus 2006-2016 KeylessGO Only

The P32 code grabber is built on the basis of the second-generation GameBoy game console, visually it has no differences, cables, or any modifications.

You can find more detailed information about the principle of operation in the article code grabber P31 GameBoy Game Console activation of the case using a unique menu pin code with a choice of language Russian or English ease of operation with the device is available even for a child a week of operation from a single battery charge charging via micro USB remote control updates


It is enough to go to any place in the car where there is a keyless access button, touch or press the device records the signal from the car, and within 2-4 minutes select the desired key, completely duplicating the native one. The key can be stored in the instrument's memory. Open, close, run, and go anytime.


  • Verso - 2009/2016
  • Prius - 2010/2015
  • Corolla - 2007/2013
  • Avensis - 2010/2016
  • Camry - 2006/2011
  • Highlander 2008/2012
  • Venza - 2009/2014
  • Sienna - 2010/2016
  • RAV4 - 2006/2012
  • Land Cruiser Prado 2015- 2009 - 2009/2016
  • Land Cruiser 200 - 2007/2015


  • CT - 2011/2015
  • IS - 2006/2012
  • ES - 2007/2012
  • GS - 2005/2012
  • LS - 2006-2013
  • RX - 2009/2015
  • GX - 2009/2016
  • LX - 2007/2015

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