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Home / Unlocker, opener for Toyota-Lexus 2024+ Open and Start

Unlocker, opener for Toyota-Lexus 2024+ Open and Start

€22000 €21000

Delivery is carried out throughout worldwide, exclusively using courier services, specify the possibility of delivery to your country.

All devices on the site are presented for informational purposes only and are intended for state. institutions in the field of security, special services and car services, consultations, questions and suggestions send by contact information listed on the resource Checking and testing alarms for cars, barriers, automation, gates, the role of shutters, etc., is allowed only with the consent of the owner, provided that the actions are lawful and do not violate the laws of your country.

Each product has its own warranty period, check with the manager.


The device is intended for legal use to demonstrate the anti-theft protection of cars, the necessary legal evacuation of cars from unauthorized parking areas by employees of car service centers and evacuation services. Any use of the device for illegal purposes is punishable by law!

The device is designed to disarm TOYOTA/LEXUS cars by connecting to the car’s internal CAN data bus, as well as car key emulation. The device allows you to save vehicle data in the internal memory, in separate cells. The device also implements diagnostic functions of the security system.

The device package includes the device itself and two cables.

LexusLX600/500D: 2021 – 2024P1: BA EU2

LexusRX: 2023 – 2024P1: BA EU2

LexusNX: 2022 – 2024P1: BA EU2

Toyota LC 300: 2021 – 2024+P1: BA EU2

Toyota Prius 2022-2024+P1: BA EU2

Toyota Sequoia 2022-2024+P1: BA (USA)

Toyota Tundra 2021-2024+P1: BA (USA)+

Toyota Tacoma 2022-2024+P1: BA (USA)

Toyota Sienna 2020-2024+P1: BA (USA)

Toyota Venza 2020-2024+P1: BA (USA)+

Toyota Grand Highlander2024-2025+P1: BA (USA)+

Toyota Crown 2022-2024+P1: BA (ASIA)+

Toyota Noah/Voxy 2022-2024+P1: BA (ASIA)

Toyota Harrier 2020-2024+P1: BA (ASIA)

Toyota RAV4 PHV 2020-2024+P1: BA (EU2)

Toyota BZ4X 2023+P1: BA (EU2)

Toyota CH-R NEW 2023+P1: BA (EU2)

Device instruction.

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