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Two-way long-range repeater TOYOTA LEXUS


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Enables relaying a signal from a car equipped with a keyless entry system “Keyless Entry” or “Keyless GO” to the key at a distance of up to 500 meters, depending on the type of key and the model of TOYOTA – LEXUS – SUBARU cars. Thus, without the knowledge of the car owner, it is possible to open the car or start the engine. To perform the functionality of the device, the operator of the “first unit” must be near the car, and the operator of the “second unit” must be at a distance of up to 10 meters from the car key.


The device consists of two blocks.

: Our own innovative technology 3D detective low

frequency request from the car at a frequency of 134 kilohertz.

– The use of two types of antennas, namely built-in and external,

to increase the ability of the device

operator to work.

A proprietary algorithm for countering interference in the high-purity range for a more correct exchange of service information between the first and second units, which enables high-quality work in urban conditions with large buildings and a large number of background interference in the device’s operating range.

– Compact size of the device, which gives more opportunities for masking during use.

Innovative own algorithm for automatic detection of signal type and finding the location of keys when using a large block.

Presence of informative LED displays.

= Suppport for all types of keys available on the market,

namely 98, D4, 88, 39, A8, A9, AA, BA of the TOYOTA – LEXUS – SUBARU brands.

Supports all types of key frequencies, namely 312

MHz (Japan), 315 (America), 433 (Europe and UK).

Operating modes:

Two-way relay mode with adjustment for specific support lists of TOYOTA – LEXUS – SUBARU car brand models.

Support list:

Key type 98

LC-150, LC-200, LX, RX, LS, ES, IS, Camry and other models

released before 2016 except for the 88-key list

Key type 88

LS 2012-2017, ES 2012-2020, Corolla 2012-2019, Camry 2012-2017, Rav4 2012-2018, Yaris 2012-2020, Avensis 2012-2022, Auris


Key type 39

Hilux 2015 -2022, Alphard 2015-2022, Fortuner 2015-2022

Key type A8

LX-2015-2020, NX 2014-2019, GX 2018-2019, IS 2013-2020, Highlander 2014-2020, LC-200 2015-2019, LC150 2018-2019

Key type A9

LX 2020-2022, NX 2020-2022, GX 2019-2022, IS 2020-2022, RC

2020-2022, Prius Prime 2016-2022, LC-200 2020-2021, LC150


Key type A9, AA

RX 2015-2022, LC 2017-2022, CHR 2016-2022, Prius 2015-2022, Camry 2017-2022, ES 2018-2022, UX 2018-2022, LS 2017-2022, RAV4 2018-2022, Hiace 2019+

Key type BA, B9

LC300 2023+, RX 2023+, Yaris 2023+, Yaris Cros 2023+, Corolla (Corolla Cros) 2023+, and others that were released from 2023

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