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Jammer of car signals 433 434 868 MHz


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Jammer of car signals 433 434 868 MHz

The device operates in one mode and is designed to suppress the signals of the car key, which in turn does not make it possible to close the car. works both with simple radio keys and with KeylesGO systems. noisy distance 30-70 meters. the device is intended for testing, as well as for use by special services.

Jammer alarm Car and other!!!

Silencer Remote Controls and Car Alarms
433 MHz, 434 MHz (VAG-Group), 868 MHz

This portable remote control jammer and car alarm jammer blocks radio signals at a frequency of 433 MHz, 434 MHz (VAG-Group), 868 MHz. The device is designed to suppress the signal of remote controls for alarm systems, garage doors, cars, TVs, children's toys and other technical equipment. The effective radius of the presented portable blocking device is 50 meters or more.

The device interferes only with the frequency you require and does not interfere with other frequencies.
Disables the remote control of the car and garage doors
Can be used to suppress the signal of children's toys and the TV remote control
Provides ultimate signal blocking power
Greater accuracy of the outgoing signal, the frequency changes in the range of 4 MHz
The suppressor operates at a distance of 50 meters
The remote control jammer is absolutely safe for humans

Blocked frequencies: 433MHz +/- 2MHz, 434MHz +/- 2MHz, 868MHz +/- 2MHz.
Power sources: rechargeable battery
Blocking signal range up to 50 meters

Since different countries use radio waves of different frequencies in remote controls, this remote control jammer can jam 3 frequencies at the same time. Firstly, the remote control suppressor is used in Europe with a frequency range of 433 MHz - 434 MHz, and is also used in Asia with a frequency range of 868 MHz.

At frequencies of 433 MHz, 434 MHz (VAG-Group), 868 MHz, the mask of various devices operates, but the most popular are the following devices and systems:

Teleco (radio light) is a system for controlling light over a radio channel. Despite the fact that most of these systems operate at a frequency of 433 MHz, it is Teleco, as well as Legrand, that use 868 MHz.

Apollo-C are four-channel universal remote controls for gates and barriers. The frequency used is 433 MHz.

Security walkie-talkies - most companies use the 433MHz frequency.

The car alarm blocker not only blocks the frequencies of 433 MHz (the center frequency for remote controls in European countries), but also has the ability to block the frequencies of alarms with a frequency of 868 MHz.


Video test of device

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